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After the commencement of a divorce action, both parties must consider maintaining the status quo regarding household expenses such as the mortgage, insurance, taxes, carrying costs and other daily expenses. The simplest way for this to occur is to continue doing what you were doing.

However, sometimes it is not that easy or if one person moved out it may not even be possible. In order to maintain the “status quo,” this may result in one party having to contribute more than what they are used. If possible, discuss these issues with your spouse as it will affect both of you. The goal should be to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. As you discuss this, keep in mind there are absolute necessities which must be maintained. Some of the items that must be paid are the mortgage, taxes, carrying costs for the home, and any and all insurance policies which are currently in place. Finally, look at all the other bills and try to come up with a plan.

If you cannot figure this out between you and your spouse, the Courts and your attorney will do it for you. However, this will be even a further drain on your resources. If necessary, a motion can be filed to provide payment for all these expenses as well as temporary maintenance and child support. Before going down that road, make a good faith attempt to resolve these matters between you and your spouse. It will save you both money, time and ill feelings in the long run.

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