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Every Document to Bring When You Meet With Your Divorce Attorney

Once the divorce process begins, your attorney will request legal and financial documentation related to your marriage. Preparing, organizing, and bringing the requested documents to your attorney will provide an immediate and useful overview of the property and assets likely to be at issue in your case.

The following is a list of documents to show your divorce attorney:

1. Individual tax returns for the past three to five years

2. Business tax returns for the past three to five years

3. Most recent pay stub

4. Prenuptial/Separation Agreements

5. Bank statements and credit card statements for the past three to five years

6. Retirement/pension statement

7. Deed and loan documents for any properties owned

8. Most recent mortgage statement

9. Property acquired prior to marriage

10. Property acquired by gift or inheritance

While list may require time and effort to put together, it is important to share all documents with your attorney to guarantee no property or asset is overlooked.

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