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Now that you are getting divorced, a major concern of yours may be health insurance after your divorce is finalized. If you have children, this is not an issue as their health insurance will continue. If your spouse provided health insurance, then this may be a consideration for you.

First, you are entitled to stay on your spouse’s health insurance until the Judgment of Divorce is signed. This can be months after your matter is finalized whether it be by a Stipulation of Settlement or trial. This will permit you time to investigate a new health insurance policy. However, please remember that your health insurance will no longer be available once the Judgment of Divorce is signed---not when you are notified that your divorce has been finalized. Most do not realize this and continue submitting health insurance claims under a policy that is no longer effective. This can be financially disastrous as you will be personally financially responsible for your medical bills.

If procuring health insurance is not an option, then ask your spouse to see if it will be agreeable to hold off on the Judgment of Divorce and live by a Separation Agreement. A Separation Agreement will resolve all aspects of your divorce. The drawback, however, is that you are legally married and thus, you are unable to get remarried until the divorce is finalized.

Take your time and think about all your options. If possible, discuss them with your soon to be ex-spouse and see how you both can benefit from ensuring that there is access to a health insurance policy.

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