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When you are ready to begin your divorce proceedings, we will draft a document called a Summons and Complaint. The Summons and Complaint is the document that must be served upon your spouse notifying them of the divorce proceedings. This document includes basic information regarding you and your spouse, which you will provide to your attorney.

The Summons and Complaint also contains the relief you are requesting in your divorce. Now, many people get overwhelmed when they read this section because it is a long list of relief and there may be things on there that they are not looking for in their divorce. However, all the relief you are entitled to must be stated in the Summons and Complaint because you cannot ask for it again in the future. For example, there is a clause stating you want exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence. You may not want the marital residence at the beginning of your divorce proceedings but if we do not keep that clause in the Summons and Complaint and later on you change your mind, you cannot ask for it again. It is extremely important to include all the relief you are entitled to in the Summons and Complaint to protect yourself and what you are entitled to. It may seem overwhelming and scary at first, but the attorneys at Capetola & Divins will always be looking out for your best interests.

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