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Internet Divorces

The creation of the internet has been both a blessing and a curse for numerous reasons. While the internet has brought people closer than ever before, and made goods and services more accessible, it had also created an arena for misinformation and confusion. For example, many of us, in lieu of contacting our physician, have logged on to WebMD to self-diagnose symptoms or view images of a rash, bump or bruise that has arisen. What we discover may lead to worry and anxiety regarding the possible maladies we discover online. Inevitably, we make an appointment with our physician, who makes an educated assessment regarding the true nature of our circumstances. Similarly, many individuals preparing for a divorce surf the internet in order to obtain information regarding the law and costs associated with a divorce. While the internet can provide some general information regarding divorce law, it should, if at all, be utilized as a starting point for information until such time as you can schedule an appointment with a well-researched matrimonial attorney in your area. Considerations when researching the issue of divorce on the internet are as follows: a) No two divorces are identical. While they may have similar issues, the factual circumstances are hardly ever the same, and the outcomes are dependent on numerous factors; b) Divorce law is state specific. While there may be similarities, there are likely important distinctions which must be considered.

c) While the web may provide the general law in your State, it often does not recite the nuances involved, nor explain the discretions that are provided to judges in making certain determinations. These are critical to understand in divorce actions and more times than not, influence the outcome in any number of significant issues.

d) Be aware of the source of the information.

The bottom line is that there is NO substitute for the obtainment of information from a professional who can assess your SPECIFIC information and circumstances, and provide an assessment, strategy, and inevitably, an outcome commensurate with your needs.

As with any significant decision in your life, be it medical, legal or otherwise, the first step is to obtain competent and reliable knowledge and retain the best professional to pursue your desired outcome.

While we are fortunate in this day and age to have access to inordinate information on the internet, Doctor WebMD isnt going to perform our surgery, and Google, Esq. is not going to assert our rights in Court. Thus, be cautious about where you obtain your information, and ALWAYS confirm this information by consulting with a professional.

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