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Preparing For Your Divorce

People make lists in order to remember important tasks in their life, and to retain information that otherwise may be forgotten in an effort to keep everything in our head all at once. A divorce checklist can help an individual from commencing the divorce through navigating the potentially stressful litigation thereafter.

Significantly, retaining a matrimonial attorney is the first and most important item on any divorce checklist. Accomplishing this initial task will affect the successful completion of each and every other task on the list. The remaining list items and topics are personal to each individual, and based upon his/her thoughts and desires regarding what he/she desires as a final resolution of the divorce. Once these things are ascertained and conveyed to your attorney, the attorney will create his/her own divorce list for your litigation.

Make certain that your list is realistic, flexible and practical under the circumstances. If it is not, the divorce may be prolonged and expensive.

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