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Now that you are about to start or have been served papers for divorce, the first thing you will need is an attorney.  The question becomes how to choose your counsel.  If you know anyone who has been through the process, ask about their relationship with their attorney.  What about their spouse’s adversary, how was that counsel?


Next, set up a consultation.  Most consultations are free.  Sit down with each attorney to get a sense of the type of person you are speaking with.  Ask questions not only about your case specifically but ask about the firm’s philosophy on how they approach cases.  There is no right or wrong answer, the purpose is to find an attorney that will match your desires and that you feel comfortable with.  Ask about trial experience.  Hopefully, you will settle your matter—more than 90% of cases do settle—however you need to know that your attorney is able to try the matter should you fall within that 10%.  Also find out if the perspective attorney routinely practices in the county in which your case will be handled. 


Ask about the firm’s billing practices.  Unless you hire a solo practitioner, most firms will have more than one person working on your case.  Find out how you are to be billed if more than one attorney and/or paralegal works on your matter.  You can also state what your expectation is and see if the firm is willing to meet it.  In the end you should go with an attorney who you feel comfortable and secure with.

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